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Decompression therapy Bakersfield is what people need, especially those working in companies, offices, and other jobs that require their people to stand or sit.

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What is Non-surgical decompression therapy?

This is a treatment where your spines are being stretched and so that you can relieve your back pain. It needs to be done because it forces your spine to be in its proper position so that you won’t feel any severe body pains that often lead to Scoliosis and serious injuries.

What can it treat?

  • Worn spinal joints or ligaments

  • Possible severe spinal injuries

  • Back pains

  • Injured or diseased spinal nerve roots

  • Numbness

  • Illness

How can it be done?

Well, since it is non-surgical, it will just be using the essential equipment such as:

  • Electrical Simulation

  • It is a process where the specialists are using an electric current, which causes the muscles to contract. It is also known as Electro-Thermal or electrical nerve stimulation, which are also known as pain relievers.

  • Ultrasound

  • You may think that ultrasounds are just for pregnant women, but no. It has been done in other useful ways than what you think. It can be on pregnancy, diagnostics, medical procedures, and therapeutic applications. In decompression therapy, they use the sound waves to generate heat and promote healing for the joints. This is also used in decompression because this is where the detection happens to soft tissues or fragile ligaments.

  • Heat/Cold Therapy

  • It is widely known that Ice is an effective pain killer and one of the anti-inflammatory types of pain treatment. Most of the time, ice was used for swelling and redness. However, you can also do this with heat. You will see that it reduces the inflammatory. Also, heat is an effective treatment for muscle tensions.

    Keep in mind that non-surgical decompression is not just taken once. It has 3-5 sessions depending on your situation, if it is that severe or not. Some also provide exercise programs that focus on the muscles' strength and the stabilization of the ligaments. This will also improve their mobility and physique state.

How about its benefits?

As your body regenerates every time you move, your spine becomes weary, and you will need a decompression for back. As mentioned above, good things that there is non-surgical decompression therapy.

  1. It is non-invasive and doesn’t require any severe medication, and indeed will not stress you out. It is also not as time-consuming as surgical decompression, which takes months before seeing the result and which will cause you high expenditure.

  2. It provides natural pain relief because it doesn’t require any massive equipment to give you the therapy you need. In this case, you don't have to worry enough about various pain killers and their side effects that will cause your harm.

If you are looking for a therapy that will suit you and make you feel relieved, decompression therapy Bakersfield is really for you. You don't need to have back pain for your whole life; that’s why until it's early, consult your nearest chiropractor and have some decompression for your back!

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