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On the other side, Gonstead Chiropractic Bakersfield focuses on the structural foundation of a person and their vertebral issues.

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What is the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique?

There are so many Chiropractic Care where you can choose from whenever you experience sudden pain in your body. It can be traditional chiropractic care, which offers therapies for back pains and severe illnesses, sports chiropractic for the athletes who want healing for their injuries and improvement for their performance, or the pediatric one for the infants. However, Gonstead Chiropractic Bakersfield focuses on the structural foundation of a person and their vertebral issues.

Gonstead Chiropractors said that this kind of treatment would take some time for it requires analysis from a person who’s having the therapy. They will prepare some diagnosis or examinations for them to search for the discomfort of the patient. Most of the time, they found some spinal subluxation, dysfunction of the nerves, and motion disturbances.

How did they do the examination?

Gonstead Chiropractors need to be professional enough to perform this kind of therapy. It will require skill and mastery of doing the treatment. They need to be accurate and precise so that they won’t do anything inappropriate with the patient. And because the spinal system has been more complex, they must do specific analysis with the patient’s body. Listed below are some of the ways on how they examine the patient:

1. X-Ray

X rays are used for specialists to examine the entire body. They are somehow focused on bones, joints, and ligaments. Some of the problems that they encounter are mostly dislocations and the breaking of bones. In the Gonstead Technique, what they mostly found are wrong posture, integrated discs, possible fractures, and some misalignments.

2. Instrumentation

This is where the Chiropractors use instruments to do the further examination on the patient. Here, they use a Nervoscope, where they detect inflammation or subluxation in the vertebral. It also detects nerve pressure around the spine and necks, which will need neck adjustments.

3. Detecting Motion Palpitations

This could be done in a sitting position or the weight-bearing where they can detect every movement of the joints in your spine. The patient will be required to move in various positions and at different angles to feel the joints.

4. Static Palpation

In static palpation, it is like how Motion Palpitation can be done. This involves the feeling of your spine and the tissues surrounding it. It can detect inflammation and swelling of the spine. But, take note that when subluxation is found in your vertebra, that can cause minimal injury to your ligaments, which is attached and can affect your bones. So, it is evident that a Chiropractor should be trained well before entering sessions like this.

5. Through Visualization

Yes, it can somehow be done by just visualizing the patient. It can be by how your posture looks, the level of your head to your shoulders, and how your posture looks while walking and while standing. With this, they can already detect some subluxation inside your spine.

6. Personal Diagnosis

Here, the Chiropractor will ask you some questions regarding your condition. This is like counseling; the chiropractor himself will ask about your emotional and physical stress that may affect your health or what causes you discomfort that may cause injuries, posture, medications, or any other accidents that have happened before. With this, it will help the chiropractor determine your overall health.

Gonstead Chiropractic Bakersfield may have various processes but look at what it offers! It can help you in many ways. What you should do for you to get the best assistance is to find the best chiropractor for you who is well trained and has mastered all the things to do for him to give you the best service.

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